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Attend Your Online Classes In A Virtual Classroom

1st Health brings you a classroom online. It’s training in the best way you learn. We have Online Classes, Classroom with hands-on training, and Virtual Online Classrooms.

All classes are easy to enroll. All Court Ordered Classes are fully approved by the State and/or County. Emergency and Pet CPR classes are fully certified.

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Online Classes

We provide a virtual online classroom experience by using the best video meeting by Zoom.

Some of our classes can be conducted in a regular classroom setting on our premises. Some classes can be conducted on your premises.

If you have any questions about our classes or training, please contact us for help.

State Ordered Classes

State Ordered Classes are required for the nursing profession. These classes must be completed with passing grades before the student nurse can earn her or his nursing degree.

County Ordered Classes

These classes are required by the court of Tarrant County Texas for public offenders who have been ordered to successfully complete the required class.

Emergency Training Classes

These classes are for anyone who desires to learn what to do in an emergency situation. Classes are held for doctors, nurses, company safety departments, or other individuals.


Pet CPR is a fun-filled class where you will learn how to care for your pet during a life-threating situation. Classes can be arranged for one or more people on your premises, in our classroom, or an online class.

What You Get With Our Online Classes

No matter if it is in the classroom, your home, company premises, or online classroom, 1st Health sets an atmosphere that will help you enjoy and learn your subject.

Award Trophey

Top Instructors

Our instructors are  fully knowledgeable and certified in every subject either in the classroom or online classes.

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Updated Information

All of our information is kept up-to-date so you will receive the latest materials for required classroom instruction.


Video Classes

Our online video classes give you a virtual classroom experience. You can feel free to attend class privately or with a group at a location of your choice.

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Mobile App

Our video classroom comes to you by Zoom, the leader in modern enterprise video communications. You will download the Zoom App to connect to your classroom.


Class Interactivity

Every classroom gives you the ability to interact with your instructor. You will also be furnished with a workbook, be able to ask questions and hear other student’s comments and questions.


Certificate of Completion

You will receive a certificate showing that you have successfully completed the class instruction. You must receive 70% or above on the final exam.

Steps 1,2,3

Enrolling With 1st Health Online Is Easy As 1…2…3…

1. Register for Class

2. Download an App

3. Logon to Attend

Classroom Courses

Due to COVID-19 we are moving all of our classes online. A location will be announced when a new physical classroom is scheduled.

online classes

Online Courses

Online courses are provided by Zoom platform. It's supreme, vivid and realistic classroom experience video.

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Locating New Facilities
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